They say that writing is 90% reading.

I’m certain that what influences us is what we use to influence others. Therefore, I’ve made this handy little list of the things that I’m reading and listening to and paying attention to in the hopes it might encourage you. Note: I don’t always agree with everything everyone else says—who does?


Listening To:

  • “Steadfast Live” by Sandra McCracken
    • A night with my dearest friends in Nashville, recorded—what’s not to love?
  • “Golden Hour” by Kacey Musgaves
    • Makes me feel like summer is coming.
  • “Look up Child” by Lauren Daigle
    • Truth and incredible vocals.
  • “Hymns Live” by Shane & Shane
    • I’ve lost my voice from singing along so hard on a road trip.
  • “River House” by Taylor Leonhardt
    • This girl writes so well and her voice is unreal. What a pal.

Paying Attention To:

  • Slow before the book launch
  • Giving up social media for Lent
  • Using the breathe app on my Apple Watch
  • Running—who knew?
  • Writing down the truth
  • How quickly my nieces are growing up
  • Spring is blooming all over the place.
  • Candles at the end of the day
  • Closing all my rings on that dang Apple Watch.